SoundTower's Korg Karma MOSS Patch Editor/Librarian

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I quickly go over a unique sound synthesis editor/librarian program I found and it works wonders with my Korg Karma and MOSS board. I am so happy with this program, it is so nice!  You can see in the video I have set it up to work with Logic Pro X using Mac OS X Network over MIDI and RTP MIDI on a windows 7 Laptop.

KarmaEditPro version 2.4.0
Korg KARMA Family of Synthesizers
Requirements: KARMA OS 2
Works with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7

Link to the program here:

Some new additions in Version 2.4 include:
PCG import - now you can safely load Karma V1 PCG files. In addition, you can also import TRITON PCGs!
Added the new Combination Mixer control window.

Friendly and innovative editing of all Program, Combi, Patterns, Drum Kits parameters.

Interactive real time editing. The editor gets automatically updated when you change parameter values physically on Karma. While you turn value wheel on your keyboard - Karma-EditPro's sliders and other controls are also moving along.   

On-Fly Librarians for Programs, Combis, MFX, Drum Sounds, Patterns. Just click your mouse and you can audit and edit anything from librarians without writing it to Karma. 

Full PCG implementation - manage you PCG banks. Safely load and convert any Karma PCG.

Program Genetics - random and intelligent patch generation: Mix, Morph and Mutate!

Extensive Copy, Paste and Compare functions for various groups or parameters.

Apply ROM, RAM and EXB-PCM multi-samples to Programs and Drum Kits.

Drag Envelopes, drag and drop files, programs and combinations.
Added Cubase Drum Map Editor, Extensive Copy, and Paste of various groups or parameters, Combination 8 channel mixer. Combination Signal Routing-Flow, Sequencer/Multi 16 channel mixer. Pattern editing with many automatons; Use drum kit sample names to assign notes in Arpeggios, Combi/Program banks printing and etc. Create Patch Script generation for Cubase  5.x and SX - All Combination/Program banks organized by banks OR categories. Added Cubase Drum Map Editor that creates a map for Karma Drum Kits. Create Cakewalk/Sonar Instrument Definition Files for all Combination/ Program banks and your Karma Drum Kit drum maps.