I will fight you - Hard Trance - Psytrance Template

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I will fight you - Hard Trance Design Template For Apple Logic Pro X (DAW)


I will fight you - Hard Trance - Psytrance Template

"I Will Fight You" is a combination of Psy and Hard Trance Logic Pro X template featuring new vocals, killer driving bass line made in Alchemy and trust me, it hits hard; plus one hell of an epic drum/percussion break. I took a lot of time on this one and gave it a ton of care. This template comes with all Audio files, ESX24 Samples, Alchemy audio data, Drum samples and Space designer IRs. No 3rd Party Plugins are needed, so no worries if you have the plugin. Everything was done with stock Logic Plugins.

All samples soundbanks, presets and channel strip settings are included and separated for optimal organization.
37 different MIDI channels tracks
3 audio tracks
10 Bus tracks.

Vocals were done by me! :- ) Mr. Bryan, aka FadedShadows  
Vocals are routed to a special bus channel that gives a nice Harmonizer effect from two Pitch-shifters, panned hard left and right
1 Supersaw Lead made with Alchemy
2 Hard Plucks made with ES2
1 lovely stab synth made with ES2
1 Mad Arp Synth sampled from a real MS200R synth and converted into the ESX24 sampler.
1 excellent guitar synth made with Alchemy
1 super sub synth made with Alchemy
1 retro off-bass synth made with Retro Synth
1 Nasty Synth Bass made with ES1
1 Hard Rapture Bass made with Alchemy.
1 Korg Female choir made with the ESX24 sampled from a real Korg Karma
1 very cool choir synth made with the ESX24 sampled from Mr. Bryan's vocals and edited into the ESX24
1 very nice Sync Morph Sequence Synth made with Alchemy
1 custom ESX24 Sampler drum set with over 15 different sampled drum sounds routed to its own channel for that extra processing touch
2 different ghost tracks to help the kick and bass fit perfectly into the mix.
1 Dot 8 Stereo Delay
1 very special saturation reverb effect created from a combination of Logic's Space designer and Tape delay
1 cool distortion effect created with Logic's Tape delay.
2 different drum plate reverbs


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Does it matter what version you are trying to open Logic Pro X? Short answer: No. However, the general rule is: You can always open an older version of Logic Pro, you can even open an older Logic Pro 9 project with Logic Pro X. Logic is a very smart and capable Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). Granted, if a template uses Logic's newer plugins, like Alchemy, first introduced in Logic Pro X version 10.2, and your version of Logic does not, it will still open, and Logic will just not load the Alchemy Plugin. The MIDI and Automation Data will still be the same, and you can quickly change the instrument to anything you want. Similarly, Logic Pro will open if you don't have a particular 3rd Party Plugin. The only limitation is that you can not open a Logic Pro X version with Logic Pro 9. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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