Classical Prelude in C Sharp Minor Logic Pro X Template

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Prelude in C Sharp Minor - Logic Pro X Template - Classical Crossover, Trance, EDM Music Design Template For Apple Logic Pro X (DAW)


Classical Prelude in C Sharp Minor Logic Pro X Template

We are very proud to present a new generation of classical crossover Logic Pro templates! This one is an amalgamation of various genres in the classical crossover, dubstep and electronic dance music using Logic Pro X.  This template is based from Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C Sharp Minor. 

However, this is very far from the original score. The difference is, this classical crossover remix template has elements of Dubstep, progressive trance and EDM with two perfect tuned Pianos, one epic saw lead, three over top Vocal Pads with FX up to the wazoo! Five synth pads with airy reverb, choral like vocals that are tied to the side chain compression bus, and one very mean sub bass. 

Then finally, add in three hard-hitting Dubstep drum sets with over 24 percussive elements! Your head will be nodding and head-banging all week!  The great thing about this template is it is all 100% MIDI. This means you have the freedom to change any instrument or sound and still maintain the original note value. The possibilities are endless with this template. Rachmaninoff was an Epic Genius! 

It took me over a year to build this into a mixable logic form: syncing all the note/midi data to fit and line up to the grid, meticulous editing each note, creating custom bass, synth, plucks, pads and drum lines to match and fit Rachmaninoff’s Epic Score. Enjoy! – 

No 3rd Party Plugins, however, you will need to make sure you have Logic’s Classical Female Ensemble, Classical Piano, and Yamaha Piano EXS24 instruments installed, it is usually standard with any Logic Pro X studio install.


  • Three Ultrabeat drum sets, all set to Multi-out with over 24 Sub channels.
  • Advanced parallel compression on all kick drum channels
  • Over 17 Bus FX Send Channels
  • Two unique side chain "Ghost Kick" Tracks using Logic’s Klopfgeist. This will send separate control signals to each designated bus, for that special ducking sound for the strings, Reverb, and FX.
  • Custom EQ and compression settings on each channel strip.
  • Expert tuning settings on the master to give it that radio quality mastered sound.
  • All for Apple Logic Pro X, which includes all presets and MIDI data.
  • All the mixing and mastering chains in place for you to study and utilize as the ultimate educational tool.
  • The project does not require any 3rd party VST/AU virtual instruments.
  • This project includes the full arrangement with all MIDI data, presets, mixing/leveling, FX chains, and automation in place for you to change add to or rearrange.
  • All mixing is performed natively using only internal Apple Logic Pro X native FX chains.
  • This template is provided 100% royalty free and can be used as a base for your upcoming tracks or as an educational and inspirational tool.
  • Explore the arrangement, find out how the basslines, leads, pads and FX delays have been made and put together, expand your synth preset library and discover specific mixing and mastering techniques used.

Instrument/tracks used in this template:

  1. Piano Top – EXS24 Sampler - Classical Piano
  2. Piano Bass – EXS24 Sampler - Classical Piano
  3. FS Saw Lead – Retro Synth
  4. Bryan’s Pluck – ES2
  5. Female Chorus – EXS24 Sampler – Classical Female Ensemble
  6. Karma Aahs – EXS24 Sampler – FS Female Vox
  7. Air Pad – EXS24 Sampler – Noisy Vox
  8. Syn Vox – Sculpture
  9. FS Pacifica – EXS24 Sampler - FS Pacifica
  10. Mean Pad – EXS24 Sampler – Another Pad
  11. Retro Pad – Retro Synth
  12. FS Saw Pad – EXS24 Sampler - FS Trance Saw Pad
  13. Sub – ES2
  14. Dub Beat – Ultrabeat drum set with 10 drum sounds
  15. Kick Ass Beat – Ultrabeat drum set with 16 drum sounds
  16. Skrill Sucks Beat – Ultrabeat drum set with 13 drum sounds
  17. Ghost Off – Sidechain set to the off beat
  18. Ghost Kick – Sidechain set to the on beat
  19. Dub Master Mix – Special Master mix with Logic’s Multipress, Channel EQ, Exciter, and AdLimiter


Does it matter what version you are trying to open Logic Pro X? Short answer: No. However, the general rule is: You can always open an older version of Logic Pro, you can even open an older Logic Pro 9 project with Logic Pro X. Logic is a very smart and capable Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). Granted, if a template uses Logic's newer plugins, like Alchemy, first introduced in Logic Pro X version 10.2, and your version of Logic does not, it will still open, and Logic will just not load the Alchemy Plugin. The MIDI and Automation Data will still be the same, and you can quickly change the instrument to anything you want. Similarly, Logic Pro will open if you don't have a particular 3rd Party Plugin. The only limitation is that you can not open a Logic Pro X version with Logic Pro 9. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.