Studio Major 7th KMG7

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Plugin Class:  Free
Plugin URL:  Studio Major 7th KMG7
Plugin Interface:  Kontakt Library


  • Library Size: 1.98GB (zip file)
  • Format: 24bit/48kHz MONO
  • PowerChord, PowerChord 5th & PowerChord 4th
  • PowerChord Mute, PowerChord - 5th Mute & PowerChord 4th Mute
  • PowerChord 5th & 16beat
  • Solo, SoloMute & SoloMute 16beat
  • Picking Harmonics
  • Slide, Slide Noise & Auto String Noise
  • Vibrato, Legato & Alternate Picking
  • Full Mute Cutting, Chop, Unison bend & harmonized bend
  • Drive & 3-band EQ, CabinetSize & StereoModeller.

Notes: Studio Major 7th has released KMG7 v2.9.0, free metal guitar library (1.98 gb) for NI Kontakt.

OS Support: 
All Apple OS X Intel versions - Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10 - Depends on your Kontakt Sampler.

Mp3 Audio demo from the Metal Hacker 2.0 - Industrial-Metal-Template, featuring KMG7 on all mosh guitars and a custom XLN Audio Addictive Drum kit set.